Growth of Startup Increase Trends in Virtual Office

The proliferation of startups in Indonesia is in line with the increasing trend of using virtual offices. Because digital-based startups that often operate on a mobile basis are considered to be in line with the needs of the virtual office.

Moreover, the average startup starts with capital which is quite limited. So that the presence of a virtual office that offers low costs is also one way to meet the limited efficiency of startup capital.

On the other hand, Virtual offices provide functional values needed by startups.Especially for startups that need an official office address that can be accessed by customers. In addition, the strategic location also benefits because it is easily accessed from various locations.


This is because the functional value of the virtual office is high but the rental costs are very low and affordable. So it is very suitable for startups who want to start a business by considering the efficiency of the company’s budget,

The use of virtual offices for startups also enables companies to more easily develop business networks that are being initiated. The reason is not a little virtual office that is supported by a fairly large business network, so that startups can be used to expand their business.

Therefore, choosing a virtual office is important. According to Andre, a good virtual office is capable of providing all-in services. Besides that bona fide building use can also be an added value that will convince visiting clients.

One of them is as offered by Lynk. Besides being strategic, this virtual office located in West Jakarta also has advantages in its location near the mall. That way, startup activists who are identical with their mobile activities can run their business with a more relaxed atmosphere.

This will also make it easier for startup activists to work more mobile, because it can while relaxing in the coffee shop and others,

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