KUR Distribution in Central Java Reaches IDR 17 Trillion

Head of Central Java Cooperative and SME Office, Ema Rachmawati said, as a breakdown, loan disbursement to micro businesses reached IDR 11 trillion, retail businesses IDR 5.6 trillion, Indonesian Workers IDR 92 billion, UMI or ultra micro IDR 94.7 billion.

This is because the business capital of the trade sector is still the prima donna of the Central Java community in taking credit,

Furthermore Ema said, in accordance with President Jokowi’s direction, KUR would be directed more to the agriculture and livestock sector.With access to easy loans through KUR, both the agricultural and livestock sectors are expected to be more stretched.

Meanwhile, Secretary of the Central Java Cooperative and SME Office, Bimo Kartiko added, in the past two months KUR distribution has been increasingly maximized.So that it is expected that by the end of the year, funds can be channeled 100%.

But if you look in the mirror from previous years, from the available budget you are not absorbed one hundred percent, the majority is around 90%,

This quota of IDR 22 trillion, he continued, increased from the previous year which amounted to IDR 21 trillion.So far, the absorption of KUR in Central Java has been fairly good and highest from various regions in Indonesia.

Source : semarang.bisnis.com

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