Two Wheel Domination of Riau Tax Penalty Bleaching Program

The motorbike tax tax bleaching program in Riau Province is mostly enjoyed by owners of two-wheeled vehicles.

Head of Bapenda Riau Tax Division, Ispan Syahputra, said that from his data, the number of people who owned two-wheeled vehicles participating in the tax fine-bleaching program had reached 11.946 units.

946 units compared to owners of four-wheeled vehicles that are 3.496 units,

Ispan explained the number of two-wheeled owners who participated in this program, because indeed the biggest tax arrears were from two-wheeled vehicles.While the principal tax deposit received by the region, the value is greater than the four wheels.

Meanwhile in this program, in one day he received a tax payment for motorized vehicles from taxpayers who participated in the program of bleaching tax penalties of up to Rp700 million.

From the estimated figure, until now Bapenda Riau has received a motor vehicle tax payment reaching Rp. 24.1 billion.

With the remaining time of 11 days or nine working days, his party believes that the tax deposit target set from this program can be achieved, even more.

Riau is currently trying to boost regional income from taxes, to anticipate the budget deficit that has occurred since the end of 2017.

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